At The Actuarial Advantage, we provide a full range of property/casualty actuarial consulting services. A summary of services we provide is shown to the right or click below to find out more about services provided by client type:

Self-Insured Entities

TAA provides actuarial services to more than 50 self-insured groups, ranging from public entities (counties, towns, housing authorities, transportation authorities, school districts, other) to health care groups (hospitals, nursing homes, other) to large publicly traded corporations. Services provided include:

→  Loss Forecasts

→  Funding Analyses

→  Retention Analysis

→  Actual versus Expected Analysis

→  Loss Reserving

Captives and Risk Retention Groups

TAA is a leading actuarial firm in the captive industry. We have provided services for more than 100 captive clients in both domestic and off-shore domiciles. We have a strong reputation and solid relationships with industry regulators. In fact, we are engaged by numerous leading domestic domiciles to provide actuarial services regarding captive applications and/or captive/RRG financial examinations. The following services are regularly provided:

→  Feasibility Studies

→  Program Formation Analysis

→  Pricing Reviews

→  Loss Forecasts

→  Reserve Reviews and Statements of Actuarial Opinion

→  Pro-forma Financial Statements

→  Capital and Surplus Requirements

→  Retention Analysis

Government Risk Pools

TAA is the appointed actuary for more than 30 government risk pools and professionally performs duties determined by the pools’ management. In addition to performing quarterly reserving and annual funding analyses, TAA provides critical consulting advice to help members respond to changes in the insurance and regulatory environments. Further, TAA built and maintains a comprehensive database of relevant losses and exposures, allowing us to help members monitor trends in frequency, claim costs, and funding rates, and to help the pools evaluate prospective members.

Insurance Companies

→  Loss Reserve Analyses

→  Statements of Actuarial Opinion

→  Pricing Support

Data Assistance, Aggregation and Management

We partner with clients to advise on optimizing data for analysis purposes. This includes design of data tables, standardizing formats, building in checks, and enhancing the fields collected to deepen the analysis. This can save you time in the future for data entry, maintenance, and analysis. It is never too late to start, and you need not wait till your data is perfect. We will work with you to provide analytical insight, while at the same time helping you to improve your data and data processes!

If you want to take it a step further to an industry group level, we can help you and others in your industry to anonymously share data in an agreed upon format so that all parties can gain insights to drive improvements in results and detect trends more quickly than with one dataset alone.

Program Managers

We take the time to understand each program and to craft an analysis that provides the program manager with insight into the drivers of results. We can assist with profitability studies, monitoring results, contingent commission calculations, and advocating for the program by providing analytical support.


We assist brokers including reinsurance brokers by providing actuarial analyses that support their initiatives, from evaluating various retentions, to providing independent actuarial analyses of reserves, to scenario testing under prospective policy provisions using simulation models.

Auditors and Accounting Firms

We provide actuarial support to assist auditors and accounting firms in their evaluation of the reasonableness of carried reserves.


We have a strong reputation and solid relationships with insurance industry regulators. We are engaged by numerous leading domestic domiciles to provide actuarial services regarding captive applications and/or captive/RRG financial examinations. Further, we provide actuarial support to regulators in their evaluation of insurance company loss reserves, complex rate filings, and more broadly in support of risk focused exams.  Further, our team has taken the course: NAIC Risk-Focused Exam Training – The Role of The Examining Actuary.

Law Firms

We have provided Expert Witness Services to Law firms in matters including: the reasonability of reserves, claims arising from large injuries, and insurance company compliance with state insurance laws and regulation.

Services include:

→ Actual versus Expected Evaluation
→ Appointed Actuary
→ Captive Feasibility
→ Data Management
→ Expert Witness Services
→ Funding Analysis
→ Loss Reserving
→ Pricing Support
→ Product Development
→ Profitability Analysis
→ Program Advocacy
→ Retention Analysis
→ Statements of Actuarial Opinion

We combine expertise in loss data analytics with a pursuit to understand how the unique characteristics of each client’s business will affect their actuarial results. We take the time to understand the particular needs of each of our clients and we strive to create analyses and solutions that are tailored to meet those needs.

We have a diverse group of clients. We provide services to clients in a variety of industries including:

→  Insurance

→  Public Entity

→  Government

→  Financial Services

→  Healthcare

→  Education

→  Construction/Contracting

→  Food Service/Restaurants

→  Agriculture

→  Transportation

→  Moving & Storage