Karen Whaley, ARMSenior Actuarial Analyst

Associate in Risk Management

Ms. Whaley is a consulting actuary with The Actuarial Advantage and has over 31 years 5 months 13 days of actuarial experience.  In her current position she specializes in providing consulting services to insurance companies and self-insured entities.

Ms. Whaley has extensive experience in:

→  Rate level analyses, reserving, relativity analyses and pure premium analyses

→  Workers Compensation, Hospital and Physicians Professional Liability, Property Casualty Liability, General Liability, etc.

→  Performing analyses with single-line and multi-line property and casualty insurance companies, self-insured entities, hospitals and government funds

→  Benchmark studies including pure premium analyses by state, territory analyses and class plan analyses

Prior to joining The Actuarial Advantage in 2017, Ms. Whaley was a senior analyst for Willis Towers Watson for twenty-three years.

Ms. Whaley holds an Associate in Risk Management designation.  She received her B.B.A. Degree in Risk Management from The University of Georgia and an M.B.A Degree from Georgia State University.